Company Introduction

Twashta is a sanskrit word which means “first ray of light”.

Here at Twashta, it is the coming together of people for a single greater cause that can empower and change our world. A power that can lead one and all of us to higher achievements and positively impact the lives of everyone we touch - employees, candidates, clients, stakeholders, partners, media and their families.

Twashta is the provision of independent advice and assistance to clients with management responsibilities. This advice can take several shapes, as we may take on one or more of a whole array of roles, including being an outsourced and the most important function for the client organization. We can help solve human resources issues in today’s organization.

We define 'Quality' to be a service that is timely, accurate and represents value for money. Delivering ‘accuracy and timeliness’ ensures the achievement of value for money. Our business philosophy is simple; we treat each client relationship as a partnership. And by delivering solutions that are workable and are as per our partners expectation.

Our Verticals:
  • Banking & Finance
  • BPO Services
  • Retail Business
  • IT Services

Staffing Solutions

“Key to the performance of any organization is its people”

A special care has to be taken in selecting this ‘key’ to success. Care to make sure that the right kinds of people are recruited.

We at Twashta take that special care to eliminate all the weak links so the key to our mutual success is right and strong enough to rely on. We are here to narrow down your choices from vague to specific and ensure timely recruitments as per requirements.

When you choose Human Resource Staffing, you are not getting just another Temp Company to send you bodies. Our focus is to develop a partnership with our clients that will ensure that their operations will never suffer from a lack of quality personnel.

Our management philosophies focus on creating an environment that provides our internal and external staff with growth, satisfaction, and respect. This allows us to Recruit and Retain the highest quality personnel possible, to assist you and your needs.

To assist our efforts we are committed to fair and generous policies for our staff.

We appreciate your consideration of Human Resource Staffing as an extension of your own Human Resource Department.


Our Objectives

He who knows others is wise
He who knows himself is enlightened

“People are the most important assets of an organization”

One of the reasons as to why our company concentrates on people and various aspects of their life cycle within the business. Our objective is to cater to all the managerial needs of corporate clients to the optimum level of satisfaction and be the leader in the profession of consulting.

Our main focus is to provide:
  • The highest professional expertise
  • State-of-the-art technical resources
  • A personal touch

Some of the services provided by our organization are:
  • Selection & Recruitment
  • Training
  • Performance management
  • Market Benchmarking
  • Human Resource Advice Services

We aim to venture into new areas of operations and provide cost effective, reliable and qualitative service to our esteemed customers. We are optimistic about the future avenues being created keeping in view the present environment and see a lot of potential in the market

We attach high importance to Human Resources, as it is strongly believed that the ultimate asset that never becomes a liability is people. Looking at the HR scenario today, we lay emphasis more on providing HR support & services to our clients.

Our Clients


The quality of our services is dependent on the people we employ.

We employ consultants of the highest calibre. They are imaginative business professionals who specialize in the key areas like recruitments, administration, investment, employee communications and compensation management.

Our Philosophy of Service

Four fundamental rules which guide us to interact with our clients:

  • Ours is a personnel business with human factor as its core. We look at our relationship with clients as a partnership. Sure, we’re savvy about numbers, data, statistics and technology. But in the end, we realize that the result of all our work is to make life better, in some way, for real people.

  • The consulting business calls for constant innovation. That is is the only way we can keep ahead of the pack and ensure that the solutions we offer are the best.

  • The finance of human resources is complex, and the stakes—both for employers and employees—are high. Clients need answers they can depend on, from people they can trust.

  • Human resources is the crucial building block of an organization’s overall success. An organization succeeds only when the policies that govern employees fit with the organization’s broader goals.
These are our guiding philosophies as we put together the right solutions for you. See who we are and what we’ve done for others. See what we can do for you.


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